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Editorial terms

We reserve the right not to index or submit a URL, for any reason, including:

  • illegal content, services or products
  • fradulent attempts to gain an unmerited search engine ranking (search engine spamming)
  • third party rights infringement
  • instruction by a court, judicial or governmental order, request or action.

Search engine spamming

If we believe the URL you wish to submit attempts to misuse our services or makes use of fraudulent techniques to achieve an unmerited search engine ranking, we will not index or submit it. Misuse of our services includes any deceptive, misleading or otherwise inappropriate act or web page, designed to undermine our services or the validity and credibility of search engine results.

Examples of misuse

Misuse includes URLs that:

  • harm the accuracy, diversity or relevance of search results
  • have the sole purpose of directing the user to another page
  • have substantially the same content as other pages
  • have numerous, unnecessary virtual hostnames
  • have pages which automatically generate other pages of little value
  • use methods to artificially inflate search engine ranking
  • have pages that hide or disguise text from the user
  • serve a different page to a spider than is served to a real user
  • cross-links sites excessively, to inflate a site's apparent popularity
  • have pages built primarily for search engines
  • misuse names or trademarks of competitors
  • employ multiple sites which each offer the same content
  • employ highly similar pages - pages that appear from the search results to be highly similar
  • include pages which are deceptive, fraudulent or provide a poor user experience
  • abuse meta keyword tags and/or meta descriptions
  • abuse file path names - i.e. the text within the URL does not relate to the content of the page.

Definition of misuse will be decided on a case by case basis and is not limited to the examples given above.

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Websites for £9.99 a month: www.BusinessSiteMaker.com : Professional CMS websites from £795: www.3Gwebdesign.com