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TrafficDriver Extreme - 199 per year

Thorough search engine optimisation analysis, detailed customised advice and comparative competitor analysis.

  • comparative competitor analysis - side by side comparison between your site's search engine suitability, and that of any other site
  • detailed optimisation recommendations - following thorough analysis of your site, we report on the specific areas that you could change to improve your website's search engine ranking, including:
    • General properties
      • text and background colour
      • meta "refresh" tag
      • frames
      • hidden input tags
      • use of JavaScript
      • number of links on the page
      • number of links with keyword
      • number of times keyword found within hyperlinks
    • Page elements
      • Page title
      • meta keywords
      • meta description
      • Page heading
      • URL hyperlinks
      • URL hyperlink text
      • Image ALT tags
      • Comments
      • Page body
      • Links
      • Link text
      • General content
    • Page statistics
      • Number of keyword appearances
      • Number of keyword variants
      • Total word count
      • Keyword weight
      • Keyword prominence
      • Number of immediate keyword repeats
    • step by step optimisation instructions
  • rank performance report - detailed monthly report on the ranking of your site in over 100 engines, detailing:
    • highest rank - the highest ranking your site achieves in each search engine
    • first page - the highest page your site appears
    • URL count - how often your site is listed in each search engine
  • link popularity - how often your site is linked to, by other sites
  • keyword research - you choose your keywords and our report advises you on how often people search for those terms
  • guaranteed Google listing - TrafficDriver employs unique technology to guarantee your site will be listed in Google within eight weeks*
  • guaranteed inclusion for 12 months - your site listed for a year, guaranteed
  • automatic monthly submission - submits your site to over 400 top worldwide search engines every month
  • monthly email reports - after every monthly submission, we'll send you a full report of the engines and directories to which your site was submitted
  • web control panel - you can monitor and control the submission process online
  • meta tags generator - automatic generation of optimised meta tags which describe your website to search engines
  • 24x7 technical support - by email, telephone and on the web, from our UK-based support experts.

Give your website higher search engine rankings than your competitors, with TrafficDriver Extreme.

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* Site must follow our technical and editorial guidelines, for guaranteed inclusion.

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Websites for £9.99 a month: www.BusinessSiteMaker.com : Professional CMS websites from £795: www.3Gwebdesign.com